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We live in an era of political unrest, conflict and polarization, even at many levels of local government.  Glencoe forefathers had the foresight and wisdom to find a way for neighbors to be neighbors in developing a candidate selection process that represents the best interest of the people who live here.   Since its establishment in 1936, the Glencoe Caucus has been the premier means through which well-qualified, experienced, and respected citizens are identified as candidates for elective offices in the Village.

The Caucus consists of two Nominating Committees (a “Village Nominating Committee” and a “School Board Nominating Committee”) that slate candidates for Glencoe’s elected positions on all boards overseeing local government. It also includes an Advisory Council to oversee the operations of the Nominating Committees. 

Detailed information about your Caucus can be found throughout this website, by reading the Caucus plan, or by contacting a Caucus member.

Caucus Corner

Read recently published “Caucus News” article from the Stroll – Glencoe magazine April 2024 issue and learn more about the Caucus.

“Application deadline for Glencoe Caucus Nominating Committees is April 17, 2024”


“Village Nominating Committee(VNC) of the Glencoe Caucus hosts inaugural village forum Jan. 31, 2024”


Read previous published “Caucus Corner” articles from the Glencoe Compass and learn more about how the Caucus serves Glencoe!

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Join the Caucus

The Glencoe Caucus system has proven to be the means for people just like you who are too busy to take on another obligation, but care enough about Glencoe to make sure that the future of their community is vested into the hands of people who share the interest of keeping their community great!  It’s time to get involved! Apply to run for a spot on the Village or School Board Nominating Committee. Make sure you have a say in the quality of our children’s education, the character of our Village, the services we receive, and the taxes we pay for all of them!  Click Here JOIN THE CAUCUS  to find out more about how to apply.

Support the Caucus!

Please assist us by making a financial contribution to the continued strength of Glencoe’s Caucus system.

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Any amount will be appreciated and will go almost entirely to support the printing and mailing to all Glencoe residents of the ballot to elect Nominating Committee members. Thank you in advance for your support!

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