Start ButtonOne of the best ways to help shape and preserve this community is to join the Caucus! School Board Nominating Committee (SBNC) members find and vet individuals to run for the School Board and for the New Trier Caucus. Similarly, Village Nominating Committee (VNC) members identify and assess individuals to run for the Village, Park District, and Library Boards.

You are eligible to serve as a SBNC or VNC member if:

  • You’re a registered voter who lives in Glencoe,
  • …and you haven’t served on a Caucus for at least the two previous years,
  • …and you don’t have a conflict of interest that would preclude your serving (such as membership on a Village Government Board, a spouse with such membership, or plans to run for a board).

Once you’ve determined that you’re eligible to serve, please fill out the appropriate application (for the VNC or the SBNC) and submit it per the instructions on the form.

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