Re-Elect Larry Levin for Village President: Glencoe Caucus Endorsed!

  • Slogan 

    Larry_LevinWelcome to this website, your convenient source for news and information about my campaign. It’s also dedicated to providing you with accurate, unbiased facts about the many issues facing our village- now and in the future.

    I’ve been privileged to serve as your Village President since 2013. I’m campaigning for another term so that we can continue building on the progress and accomplishments of the past 4 years. In our next term, the Village Board and I will continue our fully transparent effortsall completely accountable to you, the citizens of Glencoe- designed to make our village an even better place to live!

    I invite you to take a look at the materials on this website. If you have any questions or would just like to talk, please feel free to reach out to me! I can be reached at or (872) 222-9082. But, above all, remember to vote on April 4th.

    Many thanks, and see you around town!

    Accomplishments, Issues, and other Resources

    Interested in seeing what Larry has accomplished during his first term? There’s too much to show one 1 page, but click here for the highlights!

    Want to learn about the issues and the inclusive, citizen-focused plans for dealing with them? Click here.

    Finally, some other resources that Larry thought might be of interest to you are here.

  • News

    Click HERE For Campaign Materials!

    Below are the latest news stories about Larry’s campaign and what he’s doing for Glencoe.


    Village President Levin encourages Glencoe residents to learn the facts about issues facing Glencoe

    Click here to read a statement by Larry, in which he announces a new resource (this website!) to help Glencoe citizens get the facts about the issues.

    Reinforcing Glencoe’s long tradition as an inclusive, welcoming village

    For 150 years, Glencoe has maintained a proud tradition as an inclusive village where all are welcome- regardless of where they come from, who they are, or anything else. As part of his leadership role in regional governmental affairs, Larry channeled this tradition when he spoke recently to the Northwest Municipal Conference (NWMC) about the need to have inclusive and welcoming communities.

    Now, Larry is spearheading efforts to further build this “spirit of welcome” in Glencoe and extend it throughout all of Cook County! Click here to learn more. This will open a copy of the Welcoming and Inclusive Community Resolution and Pledge, something our Village Council recently passed as a result of Larry’s initiative.

  • FACT CHECK: Just The Facts, Ma’am…

    The lead character in an old, well-known TV series was a real stickler for getting the facts right- all the time, every time. We agree totally!

    Just_The_FactsThat’s why we believe that it’s critically important for all Glencoans to have the accurate, unbiased facts about:

    – Issues facing Glencoe, both now and in the future;

    – Plans for public infrastructure, green spaces, Glencoe’s business district, etc.;

    – The Caucus slating process for candidates, and more.

    Unfortunately, much has been said by others about these and other topics that is not correct. In fact, it’s just plain wrong and could even be misleading.

    We’d like to set the record straight and get you the correct information so that you, the citizens of Glencoe, can make an informed choice on April 4th. A choice based on facts- not distortions, incomplete information, or lack of knowledge. Below is an ongoing fact check that we think will help do just that! Check back frequently; the list grows (almost) every day.

    Fact Check #7: Statements made about supposed problems with electrical service in the Village.

    Claim: “She is concerned that people living on the west side of Glencoe are still experiencing devastating power outages. In the winter, this means they go without heat. Glencoe Village maintains a franchise agreement with ComEd, and needs to be more aggressive in helping this area of town.” (NextDoor posting, Debbie Jha).

    Fact: Neither the Board nor Village Staff have been contacted by residents of Glencoe’s west side (or elsewhere) complaining that they are without heat because of power outages or seeking help with ComEd. No one likes power outages, and years ago there were far too many. But outage data for 2013 through 2015 (the 2016 data is not yet available) show that Glencoe’s reliability, in terms of both the frequency of outages and the duration of outages (excluding major storms), is comparable to that of the region.

    There has been significant improvement by ComEd in the number and extent of outages, as well as in ComEd’s communications with the public about them. At the direction of the Board, Staff is constantly in contact with ComEd about ComEd service, particularly in times of outages and it actively works in an ombudsman role with utilities.