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Now that you verified that you live in Precinct 5 and that you are a registered voter at your current address, it’s time to vote!

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Precinct 5 Candidate Bios

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Village Nominating Committee

Barney Gallagher,   As immediate past chair of the Glencoe Sustainability Task Force, I have had numerous opportunities to interact with the Village Board of Trustees and the Board of Park Commissioners, less so with the Library Board of Trustees. I have developed an understanding of how important it is to attract dedicated individuals to these boards and the impact that board members can make on the future of our community. My wife, Adrienne, and I have lived in Glencoe for almost 30 years, raising our three children here. I appreciate the importance of our public institutions and seek to participate in the process of finding good candidates by serving on the caucus.

Daphne Kao,  I graduated from New Trier High School and the University of Chicago, returning to Glencoe during the pandemic to support my family. As a software engineer at the time, faced with the enormity of the circumstances, I retrained in Highland Park Hospital’s Emergency Medical Services division and now serve the North Shore as an EMT in Skokie Hospital’s Emergency Room. As a Suburban Cook County Polling Place Technician since 2022, I recently worked the 2024 Primaries at Central School, covering four precincts. I also serve on the League of Women Voters’ nominating committee, Glenview-Glencoe chapter. On off-duty days, I powerlift.

Steven Varick,  I am a retired lawyer (still doing pro-bono legal work). My wife and I have lived in Glencoe since 1989 and raised our three kids here. I was on the caucus from 2018-2020, serving as co-chair in the final cycle. I’m on the Park District’s Beach and Lakefront Advisory Board. I believe strongly that the Caucus system has served us well in recruiting and choosing non-partisan Village leaders. I have no particular agenda or issue that drives me, other than to help find the next generation of smart people to make hard choices for our community.

School Board Nominating Committee

Rachel Zimmerman,  After completing my Master’s in Education, I began teaching secondary social studies in Northbrook/Glenview District 30 and the Chicago Public Schools. I then spent a decade in product development and district consulting in the educational technology industry, with a focus on college readiness products.  In 2020, I opened my own educational counseling practice, working directly with students preparing for college. Active in Glencoe’s civic fabric, I balance work with raising three young children—a first grader at South School and twin preschoolers at Glencoe Montessori. Passionate about public service, my experience combines education expertise and community engagement.

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