Step 1: Select your precinct

The first step in voting online is to verify you are a registered voter.  You must be a registered voter at your Glencoe address to participate.   The next step it to select your voting precinct below. You can use the map of Glencoe below for this purpose. 

If you are unsure of whether you are registered or which precinct you live in using the map below, you can check by going to the Illinois REGISTERED VOTER VERIFCATION PAGE  (example: Precinct 8100001″ from the voter verification page would indicate ‘Precinct 1’ for the purpose of this ballot).

Once you are sure you are a registered voter and you know your precinct, click on the appropriate precinct link below to take you to your precinct ballot. 

Please note: You are only able to vote in your precinct for candidates running in the precinct. In other words, residents of precinct 1 are only voting on other residents of precinct 1 who want to represent them on the committees.  Also, precinct 3 no longer exists in Glencoe. We have voting precincts 1,2,4,5,6,7 in Glencoe.

Please click on your precinct on the map below to take you to the online ballot for your precinct. Or just click on the appropriate link here:

Precinct 1 | Precinct 2 | Precinct 4 | Precinct 5 | Precinct 6 | Precinct 7

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