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Now that you verified that you live in Precinct 1 and that you are a registered voter at your current address, it’s time to vote!

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Precinct 1 Candidate Bios

(Biographies are provided by the candidates)

Village Nominating Committee

Sapna Mukherjee, MD  I am a pediatrician by training and we have 3 young children in D35 schools. We participate in library, village and park district events  regularly. I recently joined the Associate Board at Family Service of Glencoe as well. My husband has been a school board member for 2  years. We are looking forward to being Glencoe residents for many years to come and I hope to be an asset to the Village Nominating Committee in helping vet and select candidates to help serve our community.  

Michael Friedman  I have lived in Glencoe for 22 years; I grew up here and then moved back to raise my own family. I have always loved Glencoe. As a kid I benefited from programs at the Park District and GYS, and my first job was a camp counselor at Sun Fun. Now, I’m thrilled to see my children learning, growing, and taking advantage of all of the services our village has to offer. I’m excited for the opportunity to give back to the community that has given me so much and to continue to make Glencoe wonderful.  

James Nyeste  My wife and I moved to Glencoe in 1988, and we have lived at 258 Maple Hill Road ever since. We raised our two children here, and they attended Glencoe schools. I have served on the Glencoe Zoning Board (2008-15).  We are Friends of the Green Bay Trail and support the Glencoe Historical Society. Our house is a voluntary Glencoe landmark. We will be here for the duration and want to continue Glencoe’s tradition of good governance and citizen involvement.  

School Board Nominating Committee

Lisa Wadler Over 16 years ago we moved to Glencoe primarily for the school system. We wanted our children to have the best education possible. With one a recent graduate of NTHS and our youngest in his junior year, our local school system has been an outstanding experience. For Glencoe to thrive, our schools must remain excellent. The future truly depends on each new class of children. To become involved with board selection, is my way to give back to the community that has been so important to our family.

Nisha Hakhu  I am a Pediatrician in a local hospital and regularly collaborate with schools to care for my patients. I serve as the medical director for D207 School Based Health Center and regularly communicate with district leadership. I am first generation raising biracial children in this community with a special needs daughter who attends South School. I am amazed at the true inclusion education which includes deliberate integration both socially and academically into classroom settings.

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